Is Oil Bad for Your Skin?

Myth #1: Oil is bad for your skin if you've got an oily complexion.

Truth: If you battle with oily skin, the last thing you probably think about is applying more oil on your face. The truth is that your oil-producing skin needs healthy oils to balance the production created from your sebaceous glands. If you are using pharma products to dry your skin out, your pores will compensate by producing more oil. Instead, you should be using plant based oils (like sesame, jojoba and castor) to 'pull' out the unwanted oil, dirt, sweat and makeup residing in your pores, which is clogging up your complexion.  

Click here for a great DIY article on how to cleanse your face with oil. And if you're too busy to make your own, pick up a bottle of The Cleanser. You won't be disappointed!



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Stay tuned for next week when I debunk another myth! 

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