Raw beauty is the new sexy.

You probably know that eating raw food, juicing + detoxing is excellent for your health, but you may not have realized this is also 'the key' to creating glowing beautiful skin. 

Here's how you can learn to give yourself the skin you so desire!

Belmonte Raw is hosting a workshop the evening of this coming Friday Feb 22nd on Raw Beauty Foods + Skin Care. 

I'll be demonstarting how to make an incredible plant based Face + Body Cream as well as a Lip Balm/Scrub to smooth, plump and soften your lips.

Carol Belmonte will be sharing her knowledge about raw beauty foods and teach us how to make an incredible Avocado Pudding, a Skin Beautifying Juice and a super delicious Veggie Wrap.

We will enjoy this outstanding raw food meal together after the lesson is over. And you'll be happy to know you will be able to take generous samples of the skincare products we make home with you! 

To keep our class intimate, we have set a limit of 12 guests. Please call/email 647-340-1218 or to reserve your spot.

Click here for more deets.

This is going to be a knock-your-socks-off class. We hope to see you :)

Graydon xo

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