Being powerful is like being a lady...

Not everyone may have agreed on her politics but it is great to have examples of women who are strong, lady like and stand up for what they believe. [R.I.P. M.T.]

This quotation got my attention because a lot of what I do is educate and emPOWER women to make choices to improve their health. And I'm sure you would agree that empowered women are well... powerful!

In my classes, I talk about strategies to use whole food based ingredients to positively impact your skin... and I teach you how to make incredibly awesome skin care products with them. Yes, this also happens to be super fun, hands-on and creative (I do not offer dry intellectual lectures :)

You learn that you don't have to go to a store to buy skin care products loaded with ingredients you can't pronounce (and which may make you unwell). Nor do you have to spend mega moula on a little bottle of cream that makes unrealistic claims.

I don't offer anti-aging promises but I can tell you that when you 'feed your skin' the nutrients it needs, it will become smooth, more supple and yep, that usually means more youthful.

Find out how I can help make your everyday skin care regime simple, effective and beautiful. 

In luxury and health,  

 Graydon xo

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