Treat your hands & feet with respect this flu season

Our hands and feet go through a lot, and when the weather gets cool, every bit of moisture gets sucked away. It is important to treat our hands and feet with nourishing respect to keep our hands looking young and our feet from cracking. 

We are excited to offer you a 'buy one, get one' (BOGO) deal this week (Nov. 23 - Nov. 30) on our Hand & Foot Relief. It is the perfect chance to try it for yourself to to gift it for someone else. Our Hand & Foot Relief makes the perfect stocking stuffer, 'Secret Santa' gift, or hostess gift. 

Our Hand and Foot Relief formulation will soften and help to heal calloused, cracked hands, feet, heels, and elbows. Its rich texture is long lasting and has a non-oily feeling. 

It is infused with our invigorating GermsAway AromaBlend, and its aromatic fresh scent will refresh your skin while its antimicrobial action helps to kill topical germs that cause both bad odour and infection. 

You don't have to have dry, cracked skin to enjoy this cream though, use a little every day to prevent dry skin and just because it feels (and smells) so good.

Email to participate in this BOGO deal, or enter 'happyfeet' online during checkout.

Your hands and feet will thank you! 

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