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graydon skincare
Only a few of you know my personal story of how I got into this lotion and potion making. Of course, it had a lot to do with me teaching yoga and making products for my clients. And it helped that I have been involved in the food industry and culinary world for a long time. And it didn’t hurt that I went to design school in Southern California when amazing new holistic living trends began to explode in the 90’s.
BUT the biggest inspiration and most significant inspiration in starting this business was my (now 17 year old son) Julian pictured above, joking around with me after school last week.
Here's the back story... When Julian was around four, I became a single parent. It was (I won’t joke) a very challenging time of turmoil in my life. I was exhausted, anxious and very worried about life. I agonized about every little thing, especially money. One day when I was brave enough to go 'put on a happy face' and go on a date, I thought I’d splurge and buy some special body cream to make feel good a little glamorous for my night out. I won’t tell you the brand but it was expensive, and as I laid my clothes out for the evening I put my newly purchased cream beside my bathtub in preparation for a full-on proper primping session, prior to getting dressed.
In his always curious way, Julian came into the bathroom to ‘supervise’ me and see what I was doing before the babysitter arrived. I remember the doorbell unexpectedly rang so I begrudgingly went to the door despite the fact I was running late. While speaking to my neighbour’s daughter (selling Brownie Cookies) I heard a crash in the other room, and I just knew that my gorgeous new bath cream had smashed. I should have known better to leave my little man alone so it was my fault, but I felt so bad! Julian was in tears, the cream splattered everywhere and I was annoyed. 
As I cleaned up the mess, I thought to myself, why the heck do luxurious products always have to be so expensive, and I remember wondering why a skincare line did not exist which was both indulgent enough to be appealing to women who enjoy beautiful things who also want clean, pure and affordably priced items for others (kids and men).
Well that was 13 years ago and I won’t lie, it’s been a long haul but the products we have made over this time are very much inspired by this bittersweet memory. Cheers to you Julian, for helping me with this. 

And now that you have the background info, here's the reason for my email. In celebration of the women in our lives and the memories they create, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day :)


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