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An Update From Spencer at Mountain Obsession + Proud Brand Ambassador of Graydon) while in Chile

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Sometimes I think I should start a series called ‘The Adventures of Spence’s Skin.’ After all, it goes through some crazy abuse during my explorations. It really deserves some love - which is exactly why I proudly use Graydon’s products. After all of the mud, sweat and the occasional tear (shed due to blinding winds, of course), my skin loves to soak up the energy filled greatness of their lineup.

I am currently writing this in Bariloche, Argentina, which seems to me to be the Banff National Park of Argentina. Beautiful, but touristy. My skin is excited to hit the trail once again and depart these hoards of tourists. Due to limited space in my bulging pack, or mochila as they say down here, I have had to scale back my usual arsenal of Graydon skin and hair care products.

Firstly, my go to skin product is All Over Face + Body Lotion. Pure, clean ingredients and lightly scented - ideal for the trail. It is great for countering wind and sunburn. A bonus is that I don't need a lot of it. Ever since Graydon suggested applying it right after my nightly polar dip, the bottle goes a lot further.

spencer mountain obsessionSpeaking of polar dips, I always take a plunge with my Graydon sponge. It is lightweight and perfect for scrubbing out the dirt of the day. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to gently remove dirt, which can cause breakouts if it isn't removed. When you only have one set of sleeping clothing for days on end, it is essential to put them on when you are C-L-E-A-N.

Finally, my ultimate luxury: Hair Smoothie. This is my secret weapon. It doubles as my shampoo and I leave it in for 5 minutes to let the oils soak into my hair. It can turn a sweaty, windblown mop into flowing locks instantly. Seriously. I went from 10 days on the trail with only water to wash my hair to 1 dose of Hair Smoothie at a hostel which followed by hitting the Santiago night scene.

My partying days are long behind me, but after 3 weeks alone at the end of the earth, I figured cutting loose in Chile’s capital was in order. The Proof: two beautiful Latinas continually playing with my hair and reiterating how they couldn't believe how smooth it was. Let's just say the night went well and I will leave the rest to your wild imagination. It goes to show that this product should be used by guys just as much as it should be with las chicas.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write these words. I do so simply because I love the product, the company and most importantly, the vision and people behind it. The world needs more awesome, transparent companies like Graydon, so get on board and support!

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